Starting in 1983 MG Homes, Inc. began building custom homes in the
Sierra Vista and surrounding areas of Southern Arizona. Founded by
Michael Gehrke, joined by his son Joshua in 2004. We have worked
with many different clients, each one with their own set of needs
and expectations. Some of our best customers were those that had the
highest demands, because our clients understand that from day one, that
our focus is on their expectations, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our vision was to create a custom home building business that was best
suited for clients who value attention to every detail, and uncompromised
quality. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that their expectations
are clear from the start. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has
earned us the reputation we have, as one of Sierra Vista's premier custom home
builders. We at MG Homes, Inc. are very proud of the reputation we have for
producing quality homes and customer satisfaction. We are equally proud of the
wonderful long term relationships we have built with our homeowners.

We are known as a hands on builder, being on the job sites several hours a day
through out the entire construction process, and for standing behind our homes
long after the clients have taken possession.

We build beautiful homes from your plans or ours. We have built many different
styles of homes including conventional frame/stucco, masonry, Rastra and ICFs.

Our best source of advertising comes from our many satisfied homeowners. Any
one of them would be glad to share with you why they chose MG Homes, Inc. to
build their dream home and how they feel about the job we did.

MG Homes, Inc. serves Cochise, Santa Cruz and Pima counties of
Southern Arizona. Our services are best served to prospective home buyers who
have established a construction budget of $350,000 to over $1M.